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Denise did some research on candidates past and present—and it all clicked. On Twitter, you might stumble upon the musings of the Astro Poets or the acolytes of Susan Miller , whose expansive horoscopes draw six million visitors a month. On Instagram, you can scroll endlessly through astro memes courtesy of notallgeminis.

Plenty of media outlets cater to the Scorpio horoscope-starved masses, too.

A mantra for Leos all around the world.

At The Cut, Madame Clairevoyant dispenses starry wisdom through weekly readings, published alongside long-form journalism. Just last week, the New York Times, which has never published horoscopes, explained how and why it covers the nonscientific pastime.

It was only a matter of time, then, before zodiac signs became part of everyday office culture. Denise also slips her astrological proclivities into workplace conversations. Like many young people, Denise, who is in her twenties, was first drawn to astrology as a medium through which to better understand herself. Astrology holds a multifaceted appeal.

Some link its rise to a declining interest in organized religion. Others point to the rise of the self-care movement, and a more serious recognition of pastimes that skew female.

25 Best Astrology Memes That Are So Relatable

New York Times critic-at-large Amanda Hess posits that astrology is catnip for an extremely online generation raised on personal, shareable content. The reality of a Trump presidency left them slack-jawed and adrift.

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What did it all mean? Rodelas, who was raised in a Catholic household, says her mother subscribed to an array of mystical practices. But about seven years ago, while struggling with severe depression and anxiety, Rodelas found her way back to her Christian faith.

Happy Birthday Gemini: Horoscope Memes

In fact, she credits the combination with getting her through a difficult year at work. But when Rodelas shared her penchant for astrology at work, reactions were mixed. But as I would casually mention it, I did find other people at the office who were interested. For Rodelas, talking about her Christian faith in the workplace can be tricky.

The same is true with astrology. There is, of course, no proven correlation between the location of planets and your personal life. But the question of whether any of this is scientifically accurate is beside the point for many.

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When astrology is openly discussed at work, it can be its own kind of team building. A few tbts in celebration of the birth of beyonce, our Virgo queen!

A post shared by not all geminis notallgeminis on Sep 4, at pm PDT. It can be deep as hell or lighthearted. Roast Me Thread self. Im virgo Venus. Two big moods i.

Cancer season is officially over.

Whatever works for you yo i. Oh boy, can I Check on these pour souls yo i. Aquarius Moon i. What can be said about a scorpio sun, sagittarius moon and MC in leo??

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What's worse than one gemini? Twin Geminies? Anyone else make up or know the zodiac signs of their pets? Just me? Ok self. Libra sun Pisces moon Pisces rising? Aquarius and Pisces placements i.