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When I will get a job, Job timing as per Vedic Astrology

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Get Report. Subscribe Now. Download our Free Apps. Trust Trust of 36 years Trusted by million of users in past 36 years. Please wait page is loading The analysis of 10th house, 5th house, 11th house and Ascendant is mandatory to understand the career prospects in Film Industry based on your career horoscope. The above-mentioned combinations must be checked in D-9 and D charts as well.

The success can be foreseen with the help of Mahadasha and transit of planets which will tell you if the film industry is a good option in your career. It is necessary to see which planet is transiting through the 10th House of Career and job astrology. A favorable transit may bring a good opportunity to change the job and show you the right time to change your job.

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Adverse transit may lead to making a career move that you might regret in future. A careful analysis of Dasha-Antardasha, Dasha-Antardasha Lords in the D chart, transit of planets using Astakvarga, transit of planets affecting the 6th house will help you to find the right time to change the job according to astrology.

As per job promotion astrology, the favorable Mahadasha of Ascendant lord, tenth lord and exalted or Yogakaraka planets will bring promotion in job. A connection of these Dasha periods with 10th house Lord or 7th house Lord improves the chances to get a promotion and answers your question to when will you get your promotion.

If benefic planets associate with the 6th or 10th house in transit, chances to get promotion will increase. If 10th or 11th lord are exalted in D1, D9 or D10 chart and period or sub — period is in influence then chances to get promotion will increase.

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Building a Career is one of the most crucial aspects of life which decides our destiny. A stable career is a sign of progress and success, whether it is in a job or business.

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Therefore, it is essential to know how you will fare in this facet of life. You may feel like changing your job but unaware of the right time to do so, you may want to apply for a government job or get into the business field but not sure about its consequences, so on and so forth. We at GaneshaSpeaks provide you with the best of the predictions using your date of birth and the position of your planets. Right from solving queries regarding the instability in your job to getting a know-how of your ups and downs in your business, we are here to advise you with unparalleled and optimal solutions to all your questions so that you can usher your talent to the world with confidence.

The analysis of 10th house Lord, planets placed in the 10th house of birth chart and with Lord of 10th will help you to decide what kind of job is right for you or sector of the profession. It will also depend on planetary positions in your chart as all the planets indicate specific areas of the profession. The analysis of Dashamamsha D will also give clue about what job should i have, which job suits you the best or what job suits your personality as per career astrology.

Your government job kundali will depend on the strength of Sun. Saturn is prime significator for Career hence the position of Saturn in your chart will also play an important role. In addition to these factors, the strength of Moon, 10th house and 10th Lord and their association with Sun will also decide the fate and let you know if you will get government job.

The D chart and Mahadasha periods will also help you decide the chances to get a government job, through government job prediction in astrology. The reason for not getting a job depends largely on the strength of 2nd, 6th and 10th house of your chart. Also, the adverse planetary combinations impact your job prospects and creates career problems.

The Mahadasha and transiting planets also play an important role to get a job and let you now as to why you are not getting job as per astrology. So, the analysis of all these factors will help you understand the cause of why you are not getting a job. To know which career is the best for you according to astrology, the placement and association of planets with the 2nd, 6th and 10th house and their Lords is necessary to decide the best career option. The strength of these planets in the D chart also help you know the best suitable career option.

The ruling Mahadasha is also one of the important factors to decide what career is right for your personality or what is your suited career. To know your future career or to predict you career through astrology, a comprehensive study of your horoscope as well as D chart is essential.

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The impact of ruling Mahadasha and influence of transiting planets will also play important role to know your career as per astrology. To know the right time to change your job as per astrology, an accurate analysis of your current Mahadasha as well as transit of planets and their impact on 2nd, 6th, and 10th house is required. The impact of fast-moving planets like Mars and Sun can trigger the change, which in turn can help you know when the best time is to change your job.

To know the time of promotion in job, it is essential to analyze the strength of the planets associated with the 2nd, 6th and 10th house in your kundli. The favorable time to get the promotion will depend on an accurate analysis of your current Mahadasha as well as transit of planets and their impact on 2nd, 6th and 10th house. This will surely answer your important questions like, when will you get promoted, or why have you still not been promoted as per your kundli.

Venus is the prime significator of Arts, Film and entertainment industry which tells you if acting is a good career for you or not. So, it is essential to determine the strength of Venus and its association with the planets like Mars and Rahu, to figure out what career to choose. And it not just includes acting but directing, singing or even becoming a politician, for that matter.

Sun and Moon are also very important to decide. The kundli analysis of 10th house, 5th house, 11th house and Ascendant is mandatory to understand the future career prospects. Success or failure will also depend on the ruling Mahadasha and influence of transiting planets.

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