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At 14, she began as a professional Diviner and has continued studying the various aspects and practices of divination since then. Along with learning and practicing various divination methods through family members, Nadiya has also studied aspects of intuition, energy, and divination at East-West School , George Brown College , Transformational Arts College , and most notably, The University of Kent In addition to her credentials in the areas of astrology and divination, Nadiya also holds a Certificate as a Teacher of Adults from Centennial College and a B.

As a workshop facilitator and public speaker, Nadiya speaks regularly at events and has facilitated workshops internationally, on topics ranging from Astrology, Divination, and Spirituality. In addition to teaching independently sponsored workshops and classes, Nadiya has also taught classes online with SynchronicityUniversity.

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She is regularly interviewed and featured for radio, television and print publications. Today s celestial energies could encourage you to talk far more than you need to, and to embellish the facts more than is necessary. Perhaps you are trying to dazzle your loved one with science, because, to tell the truth you are actually feeling inadequate about how much you really do know.

You should wait until everything is more in your favor.

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In the meantime, gather information so it is at your disposal, when the time is right to get your hands in the soil and create something new. It s time for you to bask in the glory of love, as the year hints at a serious, committed relationship for you. And if your planetary positions are anything to go by, your romantic endeavours are likely to be successful. You are likely to fall for people who are intellectuals, just like you, and are good conversationalists.


First half of the year is likely to be absolutely trouble-free, as long as your health and fitness are concerned. However, you will have to be cautious during the months of June and July. Your health may be affected adversely due to various factors.

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During the year, you may engage in activities to remove all the things that are of no use to you. The process may be tiring, but you may have to do it in order to eliminate wasteful expenditure; invest more wisely.

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On the career front, update yourself on latest gadgets and gizmos. You go into the year feeling invulnerable to the arrows of Cupid. If you already have a partner, because you are serious and legal, who wants to earn the respect of the beloved, and consider it essential for fidelity. But even if you do not keep a stable relationship you will want to stay away from temptations. Your sign says you enviable resistance as long as you organize your life with discipline. Something that this year should keep in mind, because your health will be well protected by the stars and if you act wisely, you will pass small obstacles almost without realizing it.

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The work will be along this year, the engine of your life. Two circumstances make your astral House VI, the Labour copper very important. Do not let the opportunity pass you by simply not be what is really important.

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The year would be a more passionate and romantic year for you as far as your love relationships are concerned. Make sure you expose your inner self to your partner without any negative consequences. This is an apt time to settle down with a better agreeing partner than one who confronts you in all your personal matters with cynicism.

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Health needs utmost care as you are aging as the years moves on. Practice better health habits and inculcate the same in your family members too. Your moral life might see some down slides. Singles in meansville ga.

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