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Make an offer. Working with a team will be stimulating.

What Your Spirit Animal is, According to Your Zodiac Sign?

It's fun brainstorming with fellow visionaries. Instead of asking yourself how an idea will be implemented, imagine the ideal situation. The means to realise this dream will arrive when you least expect it. You're determined to learn everything a skilled relative or neighbour can teach. If you're going to be their student, you should pay them well.

Respectful treatment will pave the way to a rewarding relationship. Be willing to admit when you have no idea what you're doing. Establishing financial security is a priority. An excellent career opportunity will involve an intense interview process. Practice your skills with someone who has lots of experience hiring people. They'll give you practical advice on how to make a great impression.

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Your creative juices are flowing like a mighty river. After you've devoted time to landing your dream job, turn your attention to a music or design project.

Be willing to pursue a seemingly absurd idea. It will surprise and delight you. You have no intention of getting tied down to a home, job or relationship. The more options you have, the happier you are.

Temple of Sun and Moon

Taking a long-distance trip is in the cards. You'll enjoy visiting an ancient city by the sea to recharge your batteries and revive any flagging spirits.

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Making a fresh start will be easy. You're motivated to leave an unwanted situation behind. Rather than dwelling on your current circumstances, imagine your ideal life. Giving your energy to what makes you happy will attract love, money and creative breakthroughs. On Sale Now! Today's horoscopes - 09 Oct by Russell Grant. Aries You feel an instant connection to a newcomer. Taurus Be affectionate towards your best friend or romantic partner. Gemini This is a great time to start a job.

Cancer The party scene is where you want to be. Leo Your private life demands your attention. Virgo Don't worry if your loved one has developed a new interest. Libra Making money will put you in contact with someone who shares your love of art. Scorpio You're eager to begin an exciting project.

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Sagittarius Spending time with a kindred spirit is reassuring. Capricorn Working with a team will be stimulating. On one side Pisces are very attached to our earthly world, but on the other side they constantly try to project themselves with Divine. Duality of their Nature gives Pisces a huge number of opportunities.

They intuitively understand what is going on around them, always take an active part in earthly business and at the same time they are very sensitive to the spiritual realm. Pisces have to learn how to see Divine Essence in everyone living on Earth and they are able to do it due to their ability to instantaneously see material and spiritual aspects of things. Some Pisces believe that they have to make a choice between spiritual and material. That is wrong. One of the main lessons for Pisces is to find the balance between those two aspects.

They will be able to find happiness and peace if they treat everything in their life, even everyday vanity affairs, as a ground for spiritual self-growth and development. This duality can also become the reason for many problems. Pisces are simultaneously drawn towards many things, professions and people.

At the time when they are involved in one thing, very often they find another thing much more interesting for them. It can often lead to Pisces not being sure in their choices and they begin to fear that they will never be able to fully realize themselves in the chosen professional field. Their desire to simultaneously move in all direction and desire to combine all their interests can lead to over-fatigue and useless waste of life energy. If that happens, Pisces should remember that happiness is not a never-ending race towards everything and the ability to do all the things they want to do.

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They will be able to make their life a fairy-tale if they fully involve themselves in each project they are doing. Only then they will be able to fully perceive profoundness and value of every moment in their life. Another Karmic goal of Pisces is to not fall under the negative influence of Neptune, which can make them into becoming liars.

This is a big temptation for Pisces — to lie just a little bit to make their life a little bit more interesting.

They love to fantasize and believe that they will be able to persuade almost anyone to do almost anything. They lie not only to others but also to themselves. And with time they might get lost in their lies — the way they see themselves becomes so different from the reality that they lose any connection with their inner self. In this case Pisces should admit that they do not always express truth and try their best to be true to themselves. The main lesson of Illusions we all have — this world is not the way we imagine it.

Challenges that Pisces have to go through — rise above the illusions of the physical life and live the way their soul wants to live — with love towards the world and people. Sometimes Pisces aspire to not just help but to save another person. But first we have a to-do list to check off, obligations to fulfill, friends to see and Netflix to watch. Whatever self-care strategy you pick, it should be one that resonates with your soul. For best results, read both Sun and Rising recommendations!

Earth signs are the most grounded of the zodiac. So get out in nature! Go on a hike, take a walk along the beach, or get your hands dirty in your garden. Another option for inside, probably : Self-pleasure! One way to do this?