Horoscope february 14 sagittarius

On February 17, Venus dances with Neptune, finding you in a dreamy and nostalgic mood—meeting with old friends or having a cozy date with a lover.

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Spend some time at your altar and connect with your ancestors! More excitement kicks up on February 18, when the sun connects with Uranus, bringing surprising news and meetings your way. Plus, Venus meets with Saturn, which will be fab for your finances—and your sense of self-worth, too!

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Your self-assuredness is especially inspiring to others now. Pisces season begins on February 18, and February 19 brings a full moon in Virgo, bringing about a major culmination in your career. Also on February 18, Mercury meets Neptune, which is wonderful for empathetic communication.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Mercury also connects with Saturn, creating a grounding energy suitable for hard work and focus. Big, exciting conversations come as Mercury clashes with your ruling planet Jupiter on February 22—but you definitely need to watch out for exaggerations.

Feb 14 to 21 Sagittarius Astrological Forecast

An especially juicy day for cash is February 22, when Venus meets with Pluto—exciting investments are made. This might not play out financially—it could just mean that you connect with someone who you can make magic with—turning pocket lint into gold and all that! The inside scoop comes your way on February 23, when Mercury and Pluto whisper secrets to each other, and plenty of hard work gets done as the sun connects with Mars on February Good luck this month, Sag and see you in March!

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