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Venus will be slowly moving through Scorpio as Mercury goes back and forth during its retrograde.

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I hope today you honor this transit by looking inside yourself and your sexuality. Living in the United States we gain a more puritanical view of sex. Your sexuality is something you should explore in this incarnation. Accepting your darkest thoughts about sexuality just prove you are human and nothing else. La petite mort is the little death. Death and sexuality are partners in Scorpio. Dallas, Texas. I'm looking forward to staying tf inside!!!

Signs as Lollipops! Which hurts my teeth but yeah whatever. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Keep reading below for more information on the transits. These two planets really shift the focus into our sense of creativity but through the analysis of what blocks us. Often times we waste our creative energies following weak desires. Desires that bring us closer to suffering than closer to source. As these to planets move towards aspecting Pallas Athena we can expect to get massive visions on what trauma is still holding us back. Are you a fan of my daily readings? Are you curious in having your natal chart read by me? I offer a service where I interpret all of your planets, aspects, houses, and give useful advice and insights in return.

Want to learn more? Xalapa, Mexico. Goethe astrology astrologia zodiaco cartaastral cartanatal horoscopo mapaastral aries tauro geminis cancer leo virgo libra escorpio sagitario capricornio acuario piscis zodiacsigns dailyhoroscope instastrology astrologyfacts goethe. New York, New York. Venus left the sign of her domicile today to enter Scorpio, where she is in her detriment The result? Some push notifications that are often a little rude. Is either need dominating the other? If you need to adjust, remember, that even in the moments when you feel the fear of softening, it's actually some of the strongest and most transformative work there is.

Follow your bliss Hollaa to all of our Libra friends! This is something you have had to work through, but it may have been more aggravating than you imagined because it hasn't made a whole lot of sense. But you are beginning to see things in a clearer way. It should start to seem more logical soon.

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I get asked a lot about how to celebrate the different sabbats, but you celebrate it the way you want to! Carve your craft the way you want it to be.

October 8, 2019 All Signs 🌬🔥🌊🌎Daily Message Without Electricity 😂

The girl behind the camera and in the feed! In Norse mythology there is a story with Loki and the ever popular mistletoe. Frigga, goddess of love and beauty wanted to make sure no harm would come to her son Balder who was most loved of all the gods. She secured the promise of all elements to make sure nothing would ever hurt him.

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Loki killed Balder through the hands of Hoder. Because of this Frigga cries immense tears, which some say display the mistletoe berries. Featuring crystals, tarot, and a whole lot of plants, this moody account has created the ultimate chill, green witch vibe. Before starting the account in June after a two-year-trip abroad, pagan herbalist Genevieve Clarisse Gen for short , learned the magic of plants growing up on an herb and flower farm with her mother and grandmother.

Or, you could check out her Etsy shop , where she sells herbaceous items and hand-knitted scarves. What does being a witch look like for you? Do you identify as a particular type?

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Are you eclectic? Not a fan of the labels? Do you belong to a coven or are you a solitary practitioner? Are you Pagan? Do you celebrate sabbats? YOU get to choose what that looks like for you and how to best live your own unique truth.

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No two witches will be exactly like, even if they choose similar paths. I identify as green witch and a hedge witch. I am a solitary practitioner.

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Not pagan. I do celebrate sabbats.

What does my individual path look like? The paths of the green witch and hedge witch are actually quite similar, and the two are often confused. Hedge witches traditionally lived on the outskirts of their village, in the hedge. Beyond the hedge was deep forest. As a hedge witch, I practice divination; connecting and communicating with the spirit world to receive guidance and wisdom.

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Both of these paths are likely to be solitary and without fancy tools or elaborate rituals. Her mystical photography is accompanied by witchy tips like how to create sigils and what to put in an altar. As a folk herbalist and artist living in the woods of Maine, Susan has always had a deep connection with nature. Having a lovely evening of painting and YouTube videos, I would love some recommendations! I've been enjoying listening to them while painting but I need someone new to binge watch… preferably someone funny… who is you favorite?

A post shared by luna. Giving us some major altargoals here! Instagrammer Colleen, started her account in April , and features a bewitching display of plants, crystals, art, and tarot cards. From infusing magick into your garden to creating a sachet for vivid dreams, you bet you can find it in this feed. For even more, check out her crystal shop on Etsy. Sunflowers are believed to be a symbol of good luck?

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Pick one at sunset and carry it with you to bring you good luck the following day. If you're looking to learn the truth about something, sleep with a sunflower under your pillow and the truth will be revealed to you. The sunflower also represents loyalty because they always follows the sun? For all your grimoiregoals, London-based Kim Aaronricks has everything you need to begin your magical journey.

She started her Instagram account earlier this year to focus her attention on magick and herbalism. Herbalism has always been a part of Kim life, being brought up on natural remedies her mother is a qualified Reiki teacher and writes her blog posts. Kim says that her biggest inspiration for her account is nature. Photo courtesy of allisonoliviamoon. View this post on Instagram. Why Are Libras so Pretty?